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Lighting audit

Audit of lighting project

We are ready to perform a full analysis of the lighting part of the building façade project, internal space, and external adjacent/street lighting. We make documentation reviews, realize software modeling (if required) for discovering problem areas, and implementation quality assessments.
We are guided by state building codes and European standards.

In the absence of design and technical documentation we estimate lighting via using specialized equipment, identify problem areas and deviations from the norms of the object / room for its intended purpose.
Our propositions of lighting quality improving are performed with minor changes to existing networks and design.

The difference between estimating architectural, interior and exterior lighting

The difference is in the difficulty of taking measurements in case of the absence of technical documentation. Without any plans and project internal and external is really to evaluate by spectrometers, luxmeters, thermal imagers and other equipment. After taking measurements we can reproduce the conditions on special software, analyze the real situation, create a report and give deployed consultation with the optimal solutions for improvement.

For an audit of architectural lighting, it is necessary to apply additional lifting equipment and have clear orient of the esthetic/conceptual component of the project. It is often difficult to understand the line between design and error. That`s why the process requires the presence of an architect or designer of the building.

Audit of lighting equipment

In addition to the evaluation of the project/object, we, TLC (Technical Light Center), separately analyze the material base. Accordance of lighting fixtures to the space requirements, technical condition: temperature mode of operation, Correlated Color Temperature deviation, Color Rendering Index etc.

We compare equipment with recommended reference samples taking into account correlation price for the quality. We select models that preserve the general idea of the designers and architects of the project.

Health and human-centric lighting

The basic goal of TLC is development of projects and solutions which will not lose their relevance in the long run. That`s why in the first place we carry about safety, comfort and health of lighting project, after all, aesthetic trends change quickly, and the indicators of human-centric light always remain unchanged. Our professional team despite the analysis is ready to perform the project, which meets international standards and is as neutral as possible in the context of light pollution.