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image 03.02.2021

People-centered illumination

Together with the ES-SYSTEM company about the last tendencies in the light technology, we started to do it well, because it is technologically possible for the modern light, we will approach the sleepy light, and the photoreceptor The ES-SYSTEM company is leading the way in the design of illumination possession, as a work in harmony with the circadian rhythms of people, and most of all, because of the quiet creation of dosi.

The natural activity of people in mutual relations is linked with the fall of the Sontsya in the heavenly sphere. Until that hour, if there was a piece of light, only the Sonce set the daily rhythm of the people. Wono wake us up at the beginning of the meeting and wake up until the end of the call. Evolution has driven us to a rhythm, like a day in two parts. We have been active for 16 years, and 8 years in us є for a change.

This is not just a matter of practice. Naukovi doslidzhennya was established that the chemistry nature of the people is infused into the good rhythm. Light is not only additional help to us baciti navkolishny light. Vono regulate sleep, take care of the fate in the development of vitamins and hormones. So naivazhlivishe – sleepy light without a mediocre infusion into the mood and self-esteem.


In 2002, rotsi naukovtsi (Samer Hattar, David Berson) revealed that there were three classes of photoreceptors, but only sticks and cones were inserted until the next hour. Tse vіdkrittya sparked respect for the importance of science in pouring on the spectrum of light. It appeared that the third photoreceptor (ip-RGC) is especially sensitive to the high range of blue light (at least 480 nm), a fraction of which, in the natural sleepy light, which lasts for the longest days.

The ipRGC photoreceptor is located in the anterior part of the eye. Most of the concentration of cych photoreceptors is located in the lower part of the network, which is explained by the fall of sleepy exchanges, which inform the body about the hour of the day.

The photoreceptor transmits information to the bump-like brain, which, in its own right, regulates melatonin by a folding process.


In an hour, the connection between the inflow of daylight on the lude and the circadian rhythm, the virobniks of illumination possession, may be connected with the flow of light into the circadian rhythm. Equally important є the comfort of light and that it is as close as possible to the spectrum of natural daylight. Every year more and more people jump on irregular sleep, apathy and depression. Naukovtsi vverzhuyut – a large number of quiet changes occur through the destruction of the natural circadian cycle, but there is a lot of lack of access to natural daylight. You spend a large part of the day in the surroundings with illumination and a short bright day in the winter-winter season, and all the time you decide melaton on one and the same day for a whole day. As a heritage, we see it on its own negative heritage, such as: the appearance of concentration, mood swings, sleepiness, apathy and depression. The efficiency of our work and science will go down quickly. It is a pity that the extraordinary luminous lamps and LEDs cannot effectively replace the sleepy light. Available on the market is an illumination control that changes the temperature of the inflow only on the settings, but does not infuse on the regulation of the circadian rhythm, viroblenya melatonin.