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If you are an architect or a designer who is guided by the high standards of the project and a professional approach in its implementation, at your service a reliable partner of the Center of Technical Light:

  • Technologies Work in 3D programms
  • EXPERIENCE 5 years, more than 100 realized projects projects
  • INNOVATIONS System HCL, Dynawhite, Vertex
Creating a concept

When creating the concept, our specialists pay great attention to the dialogue with the architect / designer to implement his idea, as well as the best in terms of technology and cost solutions for further presentation of implementation options for consideration by the customer.

Thumbnails are developed by our specialists in a pre-arranged time

Accident development, Economic calculations

Each concept is based on its economic and technical indicators, and the quality of the design and technical task (accident) significantly affects the efficiency of construction work on the project. Therefore, this stage is the first "measure seven times", where the customer, in addition to budgeting options for project implementation, we also calculate economic indicators - the cost of ownership, payback period.

It is also important to understand that an accident is not a dogma to perform, because in the end, a number of changes may occur during the project - sometimes drastic - but its maximum capacity allows you to implement these changes quickly and with minimal time and resources and get results quickly.

Project development (working documentation)

During the development of the project, our specialists rely on many years of experience in the implementation of facilities, to lay the optimal solutions that are successfully operated and tested over time. Keeping our hands on the pulse, by visiting the world's largest exhibitions in lighting, we offer the most innovative technologies, the feasibility of which is confirmed by industry leaders in their developments.

We have an uncompromising approach to security issues, even at the design stage. We also pay special attention to the importance of taking into account world norms and standards when applying them to a specific object.

Implementation of a "contract" for the arrangement of lighting of the object / chief installation

For the successful implementation of the project - at your service a team of professional installers and engineers who value your time.

Having gained experience in the implementation of lighting and power supply projects, our installation department works in concert with all parts of the project - technical supervision, author's supervision, customer, contractor, associates, designers

Warranty and post-warranty service

Lighting audit

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